Sunday, April 24, 2005


There was also a nod to the history of robots with what appeared to be some old European automota.


Mitsubishi's Wakamaru robot was also on show. This robot has a sophisticated 10,000 word vocabulary and is being developed by Mitsubishi as a robot that will be able to integrate into a family home where it will be able to interact with and do chores for family members.


This is a robot called Papero, produced by NEC. At the moment a couple of dozen have been built. They are cute and react to touch and a limited number of voice commands, replying to greetings etc. This robot was very popular with children.

This is another guard robot from ALSOK

I recenty went to the World Expo in Aichi province. There are quite a lot of robots there, particularly in the NEDO pavillion. While queing there I saw this security guard robot produced by a company called tmusk.