Sunday, October 02, 2005


M-TRAN II is built by researchers at AIST in Japan.

In many ways, MTRAN i's simplicity coalition`t be further from the complex humanoid designs of many of today`s cutting-edge robots but its modular design and flexibility make it, in many ways, the most impressive robot of them all.
MTRAN II is a modular robot, designed from small, simple parts, and has an amazing ability to change its shape. MTRAN can be happily walking on four legs like a dog when it encounters a gate, the only way through being a small clearance between the gate and the ground. At this point, MTRAN II can change shape, becoming long and snakelike to wriggle through the hole before transforming again at the other side. When miniaturization technology shrinks its components by hundreds or thousands of times, it is interesting to imagine what truly amazing feats MTRAN II may be capable of. Here we see it locomotion like an inchworm.


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