Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ballroom `bots

There were some robots I hadn`t seen before including these ballroom-dancing robots known as PBDR (Partner Ballroom Dancing Robot). Professor Kazuhiro Kosuge is in charge of the research project developing the robots at Tohoku Unoversity (not Tokhuro as CNN and others reported, there is no such place). Notice the gap in the front of their "skirts" so that their human practice partner can move his legs.I saw a video of the robots being used to practice dancing but i have no idea if they are actually intended to be sold.


Blogger jkl said...

Hello! Can you tell me where you've originally found this photo and/or who took it? I'd like to use it as a stock photo and I'd like to find the photographer for permission. You can reach me at Thank you!

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